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Can You Afford Another Invitation?

It’s that time of year. Invitations to graduations and weddings start filling your calendar. At times, you may wish you didn’t have so many friends or a large family. It can be overwhelming not only for your time but also for your finances. Before RSVPing “yes” to the...

How Not To Be Let Down By Your Vacation

With summer around the corner, families are beginning to make plans for summer vacation. Planning a vacation can be a time-consuming task. Not only does it take time to decide where to go, but booking lodging and transportation requires exploring various options. Once...

Stop Using These Five Excuses

After a life-changing event, finding the energy to stay physically fit is difficult. It's easy to find an excuse to avoid staying healthy. Whether your life-changing event is a divorce or the loss of a spouse, the emotions you’re dealing with can easily drain your...

What It Means to Take Care of Yourself

As you make your way through the grieving process after losing your spouse, others may say to you, “Take care of yourself.” But what does that really mean? Taking care of yourself is a way to put yourself first with self-love. It’s a necessary step towards healing,...

Going Back to Work After A Break

Going back to work after a break from the workforce can be challenging. No matter the length of your break, technological advances have changed how work is performed, especially the hiring process. Whether your break was expected (due to raising your kids) or whether...