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No Time for The Gym – Try These Activities

Are you struggling to fit exercise into your overbooked schedule? With traffic, your commute to the gym could be as long as your one-hour workout. Plus, you’ll need time to shower afterward if you’re heading somewhere other than home. For women, that means adding time...

Self-Preservation – A Way to Control Anger and Depression

During a meeting, one of my friends shared how she controls her anger and depression. She limits the amount of time she watches the news. She admits it’s a selfish act. But it helps her keep her sanity. As she shared her thoughts, I watched the faces of others at the...

How to Have A Successful Prospect Meeting

If you’re in sales, you need to find potential clients, also referred to as prospects. More importantly, you need to close the deal (or make the sale). How do you do this when your calendar is overbooked? The most efficient way is to make your first meeting count....

How Much Should You Spend on Your Wedding?

February is the month of love (or so advertising tells us). It’s the month when we celebrate Valentine’s Day. A day to recognize that special person in your life. It’s also a time when couples become engaged. Valentine’s Day is one of the popular holidays when that...

How to Be Social Again After Mourning

When your spouse dies, it’s challenging to think about being social again. Initially, you’re mourning and taking care of urgent matters. You’re learning to function without your partner to help with household chores and financial issues. As time progresses, your good...