Retirement Plan

…your roadmap to living the lifestyle you want.Take control of your money + life

At one point, retirement seemed many years away. Now, it’s right around the corner. You’ve diligently worked and saved.
Will you be able to afford the retirement lifestyle you envision?
Will you outlive your money?
Have you saved enough for health care expenses and long term care?

Retirement Plan Transition

But how do you transition and make your money last in retirement?
You now need to shift your focus from “saving for retirement” to “planning for retirement income.”

Besides regular income, you need contingency plans for unusual market conditions and other retirement risks, such as longevity and higher health care expenses.

With so many unknowns, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. That’s where we can help.

Transition Planning & Guidance™, LLC, (TransitionPG®) offers a fixed-rate package to help you understand your financial situation for your retirement. Our Retirement Plan provides information to foster discussion as you make decisions that impact your finances in retirement.

We do not manage money. You will not be pressured to move your money.

We do not sell financial products. You will not be pressured to buy investment or insurance products.

We focus on YOUR retirement goals. If you need to better understand your financial situation in retirement then this fixed-rate package is the option for you.

With our Retirement Plan, you will receive a working document with steps to ensure you’re on track for retirement. It will include the following information:
  • Defining the retirement lifestyle you envision using the 5 P’s of Life
  • Evaluating your current spending and estimating retirement spending
  • Projecting healthcare expenses as you age, as well as long-term care expenses
  • Calculating your retirement income, including money from Social Security
  • Identifying your optimal claiming strategy for Social Security benefits
  • Projecting your Required Minimum Distribution once you attain age 70 ½
  • Analyzing your finances to ensure you can afford your retirement lifestyle
  • Testing your results if there was market volatility during your retirement
  • Testing your results if higher taxes occurred during your retirement
  • Testing your results if Social Security benefits were reduced during your retirement
  • Testing your results if you lived longer than expected during your retirement
  • Testing your results if inflation increased during your retirement
  • Testing your results if your health care expenses were higher than expected during your retirement

This package includes two 60-minute meetings. The first meeting is to gather information. The second meeting is to present and review your Retirement Plan.

We have access to office space throughout Atlanta, GA via Regus. We also meet with clients via phone or via Skype.

Contact us at to begin developing your Retirement Plan.


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