Pre-Divorce Financial Review

Are you concerned about your finances post-divorce?
Can you really afford to keep your house?
Can you still afford to pay for your child’s college tuition?
Going through a divorce is filled with many unknowns – especially on the financial side. Transition Planning & Guidance™, LLC, (TransitionPG®) offers a fixed-rate package to help you understand your financial situation for your new life.

We do not manage money so you will not be pressured to move your money. We do not sell financial products so you will not be pressured to invest. We focus on YOUR financial goals. If you need to better understand your financial situation then this fixed-rate package is a good option for you.

With our Pre-Divorce Financial Review, you will receive a document to use when meeting with your family law attorney to determine your divorce strategy. Your Pre-Divorce Financial Review will help you avoid common financial mistakes.

It will include the following information:
  • Assessing assets and liabilities from your marriage
  • Calculating your post-divorce income, deductions, and tax implications
  • Estimating your expenses for your post-divorce lifestyle
  • Identifying your target retirement lifestyle and affordability
  • Developing a divorce settlement option for you to discuss with your family law attorney
This package includes two 60-minute meetings. The first meeting is to gather information. The second meeting is to present and review your Pre-Divorce Financial Review.

We meet in person or virtually – whichever is easiest for you.

Contact us at to begin developing your Pre-Divorce Financial Review.


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