One of the 5 P’s of Life is “Profession” – your work, whether you work for someone or are self-employed. If you’re not satisfied with your work life, then take control and make changes. Set goals for this aspect of life by stretching your skills and expanding your network. Every Wednesday, we offer tips via Twitter to help you with your work life. Below are tips we tweeted last month.

When working from home communicate regularly with your manager and colleagues – it’ll let them know you’re not taking advantage of the perk.

Build a network of people you trust that will help you grow professionally by providing feedback, offering career opportunities, and helping you stretch your self-imposed limits. 

When hiring ask candidates for examples that will reflect their motivation level, communication skills, and emotional intelligence – these questions will reveal the candidate’s behavior – something that can’t be changed.

Whether your firm offers goal setting or not, take ownership of your career and do it on your own. 

References to our profession tips are listed below – click on the title to go to the link.

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