Are you living a healthy lifestyle?

Here are tips we tweeted last month to help you live healthier. Click on each tip for the source and more information.

Take regular breaks from sitting all day to stretch, breathe deeply, and increase blood flow.

Pay attention to your form when lifting weights – doing it incorrectly could cause injury with a long rehab.

Stick to your healthy lifestyle while on vacation by packing clothes that won’t fit if you gain a few pounds.

Eat healthier by eliminating ultra-processed foods – if the label has a long list of ingredients, more than likely it’s ultra-processed.

Why we post about physical health:

One of the 5 P’s of Life is “physical health.” Staying healthy is important and impacts all aspects of your life – including your wallet with increased healthcare costs.

About Us: 

Transition Planning & Guidance, LLC, (“TransitionPG®”) looks at all aspects of life using the 5 P’s of Life – personal relationships, personal finance, profession, peace of mind, and physical health. While money helps you achieve many goals, it’s not the only thing to consider when developing a financial plan. Our mission is to help you define and achieve your financial, personal, and professional goals – especially during life transitions. Through our planning services and guidance plans, you take control of your money and life.

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