Need help strengthening relationships with those you love? Follow these personal relationship tips we tweeted last month on Twitter. Please share these tips with your loved ones.

Use a team approach with your partner and protect your relationship from negative outside influences.

When your loved one talks about an issue avoid minimizing their problem because it sends a message of invalidating their feelings instead of being supportive. 

Watch your tone when helping your healthy parent through their role as a caregiver – replace treating them as a child with being an advocate with patience and empathy.

Before tying the knot, evaluate where you are with your education, career, and finances.

Friendships take time and effort – an acquaintance can become a friend if you are willing to spend time with that person.

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Why we post about personal relationships:

One of the 5 P’s of Life is “Personal Relationships” – your relationship with others, including your spouse, significant other, parents, other family members, and friends.

To build and strengthen these relationships it’s important to dedicate time to them – no matter how busy life becomes for you.

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About Us: 

Transition Planning & Guidance, LLC, (“TransitionPG®”) looks at all aspects of life using the 5 P’s of Life – personal relationships, personal finance, profession, peace of mind, and physical health. While money helps you achieve many goals, it’s not the only thing to consider when developing a financial plan. Our mission is to help you define and achieve your financial, personal, and professional goals – especially during life transitions. Through our planning services and guidance plans, you take control of your money and life.

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