Our personal relationships help us celebrate the joys in life. They also help us through difficult times.

Take time to express your gratitude to those who matter the most to you. Use these personal relationship tips as inspiration to take action.

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Strive to be civil and courteous to your ex but you don’t have to be friends.

If you can’t attend your close friend’s wedding, let them know as soon as possible – be honest without over-explaining; but more importantly, don’t disappear from the friendship because you feel guilty.

Discuss with your aging parents how to safeguard against hyperthermia and other heat-related illnesses.

You may not have all the answers about your retirement, but starting the conversation early with your spouse will give you the opportunity to share and create a vision together.

Why we post about “personal relationships”:

One of the 5 P’s of Life is “Personal Relationships” – your relationship with others, including your spouse, significant other, parents, other family members, and friends.

To build and strengthen these relationships it’s important to dedicate time to them – no matter how busy life becomes for you.

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Transition Planning & Guidance, LLC, (“TransitionPG®”) looks at all aspects of life using the 5 P’s of Life – personal relationships, personal finance, profession, peace of mind, and physical health. While money helps you achieve many goals, it’s not the only thing to consider when developing a financial plan. Our mission is to help you define and achieve your financial, personal, and professional goals – especially during life transitions. Through our planning services and guidance plans, you take control of your money and life.

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