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When your spouse splurges on a major expense before discussing it with you, it’s time to set a ceiling limit on purchases and create a discretionary spending category for each of you in your spending plan.

If you and your soon to be ex are considering nesting, run the financials for maintaining the nesting house AND your own places – this option may be pricey, not to mention create future tension about babysitters, house rules, and new dating partners.

Include cash tips when tracking your expenses – $1 here or $5 there adds up when there are no receipts for baristas or parking valets.

Know your start-up costs, establish an emergency reserve (in case you don’t generate steady income), and look into liability insurance (protect your new business from expensive lawsuits) before quitting your full-time job for self-employment.

When deciding whether or not to downsize for retirement, consider four factors: regular home expenses, major repairs/maintenance, impact on other lifestyle expenses, and soft costs.

One of the 5 P’s of Life is “Personal Finance” – your money. While money isn’t everything, it helps you achieve the lifestyle you want to live.

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