Every Thursday, we tweet peace of mind tips on Twitter. Here are tips from last month.

Incorporate meditation into your day to improve your focus and productivity. 

Re-assess your goals to make sure you’re not addicted to setting goals but instead are actively working towards accomplishing them.

Fires more than double on Thanksgiving Day – practice safe cooking by turning off burners when you leave the kitchen and by using turkey fryers outdoors. 

Declutter to identify what is truly important to you.

Acknowledging in advance that an event will challenge you emotionally, gives you time to prepare for it.

References for our peace of mind tips are listed below – click on the title to go to the link.

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Why we post about peace of mind:

One of the 5 P’s of Life is “peace of mind” – meaning your relationship with yourself.

Everyone has ideas of what they need to do to find peace. Some people need less stress; others may need to feel a sense of value.

Do you know what you need to find peace of mind?

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About Us: 

Transition Planning & Guidance, LLC, (“TransitionPG®”) looks at all aspects of life using the 5 P’s of Life – personal relationships, personal finance, profession, peace of mind, and physical health. While money helps you achieve many goals, it’s not the only thing to consider when developing a financial plan. Our mission is to help you define and achieve your financial, personal, and professional goals – especially during life transitions. Through our planning services and guidance plans, you take control of your money and life.

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