Do you need to be motivated? Print this page and read a quote every day to increase your motivation.

“Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value. ” -Albert Einstein

“We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.” – Ronald Reagan

“Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.” – Mark Twain

“Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes… but no plans.” – Peter Drucker

“You will never find time for anything. If you want time, you must make it.” – Charles Buxton

“Action makes more fortune than caution.” – Luc DeClapiers

“Ideas are important, but they’re not essential. What’s essential and important is the execution of the idea.” – John Landis

“With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

“Look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see, and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious.” – Stephen Hawking

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” – Mark Twain

“Your talent is God’s gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God.” – Leo Buscaglia

“Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory.” – George S. Patton

“Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines.” – Robert H. Schuller

“If you want to conquer fear, don’t sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.” – Dale Carnegie

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” – Thomas A. Edison

“When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor.” – Elon Musk

“Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after the other.” – Walter Elliot

“Don’t watch the clock; do what it does. Keep going.” – Sam Levenson

“If you fell down yesterday, stand up today.” – H. G. Wells

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” – Walt Disney

“If you want to succeed you should strike out on new paths, rather than travel the worn paths of accepted success.” – John D. Rockefeller

“The road to success is always under construction.” – Arnold Palmer

“It’s fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure.” – Bill Gates

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