Guidance Plans

…We want you to implement your plan successfully

After developing your plan, Transition Planning & Guidance, LLC, (TransitionPG®) is here to help you implement it.
We want you to be successful.
Even though your plan is designed for you to implement yourself, sometimes it helps to have assistance during this process.
In addition to helping you implement your plan, we’ll answer your questions during the year, including helping you:
  • Choose company retirement plan options
  • Decide whether to lease or buy a car, boat, or plane
  • Decide whether or not to purchase a home, vacation home, investment property
  • Set up app to track spending
  • Review how assets are titled
  • Update financial records and beneficiary information
  • Analyze insurance quotes – whether for auto, life, long-term care, or disability
  • Assess other professional services, including estate planning attorneys, tax advisors, and investment advisors
  • … and answer many more financial questions you may have during the year
You’ll also receive via email monthly tips to make it easier to manage your money and life.

Rest assure, you will NOT be pushed to a call center. You will NOT be dealing with someone new to the industry and inexperienced in life. You will be dealing directly with an experienced Certified Financial Planner™ professional.

We offer three Guidance Plan levels. Choose one which best meets your needs.


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