Financial Plan

…your roadmap to living the lifestyle you want.Take control of your money + life

Will you be able to afford the lifestyle you envision for yourself and your family?
Do you want to provide top-rated education for your children?
Do you want to leave a philanthropic legacy?
Do you want to travel the world?
Whatever your vision is, how will you accomplish it? If you’re unsure or need validation you’re on track, develop a financial plan.
A financial plan is your roadmap to accomplish the lifestyle you envision. It will help you see what’s viable now and in the future.
Transition Planning & Guidance™, LLC, (TransitionPG®) offers a fixed-rate package to develop your comprehensive financial plan. Our Financial Plan focuses on more than investments.
It helps you define your lifestyle and goals. It calculates your net worth, income, spending, retirement shortfall, and other saving goals you may have for yourself. It also provides saving strategies, ways to protect your assets, and estate planning.
Our Financial Plan is customized. It is not generated by a software program. It is written specifically for you.
We do not manage money so you will not be pressured to move your money. We do not sell financial products so you will not be pressured to invest.
We focus on YOUR financial goals. If you need to develop your financial roadmap then this fixed-rate package is a good option for you.
With our Financial Plan, you will receive a document to use ongoing. You’ll receive an analysis of your current situation and action steps to move closer to the lifestyle you envision.
Here’s what our Financial Plan package includes:
  • Initial meeting for collecting data
  • 4-6 weeks for data analysis
  • Final meeting to review your plan
  • Discussion of your short-term, mid-term, and long-term goals
  • Assessing your assets and liabilities
  • Reviewing your income, deductions, and tax implications
  • Evaluating your spending and identifying any shortfalls
  • Identifying your target retirement lifestyle and affordability
  • Reviewing investment terminology to help you develop an investment strategy
  • Listing strategies to help you increase your savings
  • Reviewing your insurance, including financial protection if you become disabled or experience property/casualty loss
  • Identifying necessary estate planning documents for your situation

We meet in person or virtually. Contact us at to begin developing your Financial Plan.


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