These tips may help you achieve your personal relationship goals with your spouse, parent or friend. Relationships take work from both parties but sometimes when we’re busy and have limited time, those closest to us suffer the most. Implementing a simple action such as generosity can change the tone of a relationship. The following personal relationship tips were tweeted in September. References for these relationship tips are shown at the end of this post.

Generosity in marriages leads to happy marriages.

When a relationship ends, refrain from labeling it a “failure” – instead enjoy the good memories and move forward.

Most people have a sense of humor but snarky comments can ruin a friendship – some things should not be joked about – respect those boundaries.

Tour different independent living facilities with your elderly loved one to help them become comfortable with a move.

If an elderly loved one is moving into your home, take time to “elder-proof” it – making it safer for an aging adult.

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