One of the 5 P’s of Life is “Personal Relationships” – your relationship with others, including your spouse, significant other, parents, other family members and friends. To build and strengthen these relationships, it’s important to dedicate time to them – no matter how busy life becomes for you. Below are personal relationship tips we tweeted last month on Twitter. Please share these tips with those you love.

Participate in a couples retreat to strengthen your relationship with your spouse.

Deliver a bag of “sunshine” to your loved one – a gift bag filled with yellow items.

Help your elderly loved one stay in their home longer by hiring in-home care.

Strengthen your relationship by becoming more aware of your partner’s perceptions of equity.

If your friend is a caregiver, offer your time for a couple of hours to give him/her a break.

References for our personal relationship tips are listed below – click on the title to go to the link. Follow us on Twitter for personal relationship tips every Monday.


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