One of the 5 P’s of Life is “Personal Relationships” – your relationship with others, including your spouse, significant other, parents, other family members and friends. To build and strengthen these relationships, it’s important to dedicate time to them – no matter how busy life becomes for you.

Below are personal relationship tips we tweeted last month on Twitter. Please share these tips with your loved ones.

Invite a friend to explore tourist attractions in your town or a nearby town. 

When disagreements arise, see your relationship as more important than being right.

When going through a difficult time, learn to set boundaries with friends/family who are not supportive.

Determine if you are helping or enabling before you respond to an elderly loved one’s request. 

As your parents age, be aware of signs indicating they may need help at home. 

References for our personal relationship tips are listed below – click on the title to go to the link.

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